Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Google does a Tango on Motion tracking and 3D Scanning

Google Tango Project has the goal that to give mobile devices a human-scale understanding of space and motion.

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It’s amazing how Google continues to enthrall us with unimaginable innovations. After close-to-precision Maps, they’ve now come up with a Smartphone that can map the 3D world around us. Sounds confusing right? Well, Google has a history of taking up confusing tasks and giving simple results to make life a lot easier!

Their new challenge - Project Tango takes mobile sensing and the application of handhelds to a whole new level. When Google sold the iconic Smartphone maker Motorola to Lenovo earlier this year, it did not sell the corresponding patents,and kept the Advanced Technology and Projects group with it. They had been working on Project Tango for almost a year, and the result is an awesome 5’’ smartphone that features a compass, gyroscope and complex sensors. The device works based on its motion sensing cameras and depth sensor.

"The goal of Project Tango is to give mobile devices a human-scale understanding of space and motion," says Johnny Lee, leader of Project Tango. You can say that it works like an extension to augmented reality. The team at Google has been working with industrial partners in nine different countries, several universities and research labs to bring together around 10 years of research in the fields of robotics and computer vision into a smartphone.

Though the phone is only at the prototype stage, it has opened up several pathways, to research and apply this technology from a consumer perspective. The device doesn’t just track motion; it builds a visual map of rooms or the world around you through 3D scanning. The scope of this device is beyond imagination and Google believes that it would open up better opportunities for immersive gaming, indoor navigation and many other uses.

In true Google fashion, the phone would be rolled out to a select group of 200 developers. You’ll have to apply online clearly explaining what you plan to build with it, to get one! Google expects to allocate all devices by March 14th, 2014. Word has it that the company would be allocating the device to developers who want to build apps for “indoor navigation/mapping, single/multiplayer games that use physical space, and new algorithms for processing sensor data.” And as for the technicalities – Developers can write apps in C/C++, Java and Unity game engine; however, the API for the phone has still not been completed.


Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Win Your Race with Android Game App Development

The world of smartphones has turned into a planet of games. The craziness took shape when mobile operating systems like Android ignited the trend of game app development. Today Android game app development is ruling the game industry and it has more than 400,000 applications in it's pocket. The number is expected to rise manifolds in the coming years because the demand for Android gaming apps just don't seem to come down.

With such a huge rush in the market, you would surely like to be ahead in this race of game development and to win this race you'll have to take the aid of Android game developers. Well then now it's time for you to turn towards the experts. Well who else do you think would be able to handle such advanced features and put them into the right place? An Android game developer has the ability and expertise to exploit the basic traits of Android and develop applications that would enhance the features of your games.

Android has become 'the developer's choice' because of its core infrastructure and the various facilities that it provides to the developers. It is adaptable to 2D and 3D graphics library and other smartphone layouts. It has multiple language support and supports various audio, video and still media formats. Apart from these features, the application framework of Android enables the developers to reuse the components. The additional hardware support like touchscreen, GPS, accelerometer, gyroscopes and pressure sensors make it more favorable.

It takes the sheer combination of experience and skills to develop games in the Android platform. Well then you don't need to go very far in search of a good Android game development company and hire the services of talented and trained Android game developers. Android Applications Programmer has expert Android developers who would develop intuitive games for you enriched with the enhanced features of Android.

Friday, 27 January 2012

Android Application Development - Hire Professionals With Utmost Experience Through Outsourcing

Android application development has become the prime necessity as Android OS is getting the rage and its stake in the market has increased by leaps and bounce. Now Android has the second largest stake of users in the entire smart-phone market worldwide after iPhone OS. The reason behind the immense popularity is the quality in its operating speed and the flexibility provided to the users with Android OS. Android apps development offers you the ultimate opportunity to meet up all or any specific business task requirement and with the immense Android OS you can easily yet efficiently done with the particular or specific work task. You can be able to do particular things in your business or in communication, gaming with multimedia applications, social networking applications, music apps, news and sports as well as many other area that comes in your business and lifestyle.

But it is important to get how you can be able to get or develop scalable yet robust Android applications that has capability to make your work process smoother yet efficient. You even solely can develop apps for your smart-phone but it is important to understand how apps can be effective most for you so to hire professional Android apps developers would be appropriate. You can hire experts through outsourcing for getting professional android apps development. All you require to sit in front of your system and need to search for the best outsourcing development company and all it takes a few while. You will be getting professional yet experienced Android apps programmers at affordable price through outsourcing even with utmost flexibility.

Search and contact for the best development outsourcing company and get hired with professional Android developers/programmers.

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Get Skilled Android App Developer at Android Applications Programmer

Android is a very innovative mobile application development platform but for utilizing its features to the fullest one must hire the services of Android app developers because they are trained professionals who are in the development sector since a long time. Android Applications Programmer knows and understands the importance of a good Android app developer; hence the company is offering its hiring services to its clients.

The company maintains a good record of developing Android applications for various mobile platforms and the variations in the work give it a strong point. The developers of AAP use the latest development tools and thus induce the most advanced features in the applications. All the apps undergo vigorous testing through various interfaces so the end products are absolutely error free. Android Applications Programmer also allows its clients to get customized apps which are exclusively based on their ideas.

Android Applications Programmer, which is a pioneer company dedicated towards application development for Android, provides hiring services to the clients so that they can get maximum benefits from the services. It is indeed a wonderful opportunity for all those people who have Android as their mobile operating system. They should hire Android app programmer from AAP and get their desired apps. The Android app developers of the company are very precise and specific in their work and can develop highly advanced web features for your smartphone.

The hire Android app developer would be providing the development services in different areas. The clients can get business apps, multimedia applications and apps for publishing books, medical applications and many more. The developers give regular updates to the clients on the latest developments on their projects. The clients just need to pay for the price for development. The clients can hire the Android app developers under the hiring scheme of the company.

Monday, 15 August 2011

Android App Development – Beneficial For Your Growth

Competition between mobile developers are its rage. Everyone want to grab their sizable bite. Plenty of platforms are working on mobile device and among them Android Application Development is unique because Google has made it opensource and this open platform attracts many developers. There is no license fee at all and no restrictions like iPhone where you have to depend upon Apple for everything. There distribution system is of open nature so you can distribute your application as you wish and take help of third party distribution system or third party vendors or you can sell directly on the internet.

The Android mobile platform consists of Android operating system, middle ware, main application and Android SDK. SDK provides developers needed tools for development and APIs. Android is based on Linux, facilitates easy accessibility to rich environment and core functionality of the mobile device. It provides accurate information sought by quick information gathering. It reduces development cycle drastically so you can finish your project quickly and can reach at the market as early as possible and can beat your competitors. Development tools are easy to use so any developer can use Android platform. You need not to especially learn language for Android Application development and you can perform better with your existing knowledge.

Android platform provides all information and services to the all without any biases. It is compatible with all browsers so you can use your favorite browser. However you can use Android with or without the help of professional developers but the former option is better and you should hire Android app developers for your dream project. If you want to go for in-house recruitment then it will prove a headache for you. You have to pass through recruitment process, pay recruitment charges, create infrastructural facilities for development, keep payrolls, pay incentives and pay local taxes. You can save yourself from all hassle by hiring developers from outsourcing companies.

Outsourcing companies have adequate man power because they are operating from developing countries like India where skilled labor is available at cheaper rates. Outsourcing companies have all development facilities and provide 24X7 support so you can contact your developers at anytime and from anywhere basis. You can contact your developers by emails, instant messengers, live chats on their websites or by international calling system.

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